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XV-748: Gothic Garden – Fujisaki Cecil

DVD cover of XV-748

Half-French Fujisaki Cecil is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful performers to have appeared in JAV, although she only starred in a small handful of videos.

Gothic Garden, from MAX-A, has Cecil wear a variety of gothic lolita outfits, all of which suit her very well. She behaves like a clockwork doll, and acts very passively in the sex scenes. Some might say she behaves like that in her other videos too, but it is fitting for this video.

There is seductive kissing aplenty, and I'm glad the director took their time with the build-up to the sex scenes.

Cinematography is experimental in style, with varied results. Most of the sets are quite generic and look like different rooms in a sex dungeon. The music has an ethereal quality to it, which adds to the eerie atmosphere, although it could have been integrated with the visuals a bit better.

In conclusion, quite a roughly made video but one that does a great job of capturing Cecil's allure.

Rating: 7/10

This video was also released with the code SRXV-759.