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WICP-004: Sexy Sweets Campaign Special DVD!

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DVD cover of WICP-004

WICP-004 is a 2022 video from studio S1 NO.1 STYLE and director Tiger Kosakai, produced to commemorate FANZA's Sexy Sweets Campaign. It was never released digitally, so this review is based on a DVD I managed to snag whilst in Japan.

DVD menu

This two-hour long video features eight actresses, each having three five-minute scenes each (5 mins × 3 scenes × 8 actresses = 120 minutes overall).

Saika licks what looks like a Tide Pod on a stick

Although it isn't tagged as such, this video could probably be considered an image video. There is no hardcore content (not even a glimpse of any of the performers' pussies), though they do show off their tits. The scenes are generally of the performer posing in various outfits, sometimes simulating blowjobs with a dildo. It's the sort of video that might have quite easily been labelled R-15 a decade ago.

Asuka holds a cream-covered banana

Some scenes are relevant to the "sweets" theme. Kawakita Saika, for instance, licks what I assume to be a lollipop, although it honestly looks worryingly more like a Tide Pod.

Rena pops a cream-covered strawberry in her mouth

Scenes can get quite fruity, with Momose Asuka consuming a banana covered in whipped cream, and Momozono Rena eating strawberries and cream.

Natsu, wearing a Chinese style dress, and in a pose exposing her panties, sucks on a dildo

Other highlights include Tōjo Natsu in a Chinese style dress and Mitani Akari channelling her inner Hibiki by squeezing her hair between her nose and lip to form a moustache. The cast also features Yagi Nana, Amami Tsubasa and Kitano Mina.

Akari doing the moustache pose

Judging this video for what it is – an inexpensive video released for a promotional campaign – it's really rather enjoyable. I would've liked a little more consistency with the "sweets" theme, but this video has a stellar cast and I can't fault the performances.

★★★★ 4/5

Technical data

Resolution: 720×480 (stretched to 853×480)
Frame rate: 29.97 fps interlaced (59.94 fps deinterlaced)
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: AC3; 48 kHz