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WANZ-145: My Younger Sister-In-Law Is Too Easy, Is That Temptation? Peepism, Living With My wife's young sister Is Thrilling – Uehara Ai [SJC 20/20]

This is a review of a video I watched as part of the Soapy JAV Challenge, in which one must watch 20 JAVs between 15th September and 15th October. This is video 20 of 20.

DVD cover of WANZ-145

WANZ-145 is a 2014 video from studio Wanz Factory. It was written and directed by Porn Stars. The video stars Uehara Ai as the sister of the protagonist's wife, who is played by Ogata Mizuki (who is also known by many other names).

Protagonist, Ai and Mizuki hang out in the living room; Ai's panties are visible

This panchira video has a simple premise in which the protagonist almost constantly gets an accidental upskirt or downblouse peek at Ai. And then they end up having sex.

Ai and Mizuki eat a snack

One interesting thing about this video is the use of elaborately designed title cards throughout. They're not particularly relevant to the actual video, which makes them even more bizarre, but I do appreciate them all the same.

Some of the title card designs featured in the video

The video also features an eclectic collection of books and magazines. The ones I could identify are IDEA magazine 285, Hoover's Guide to Media Companies, The Party: A Guide to Adventurous Entertaining, DVD & Video Guide 2006, Pinebull S, and Time Ghost.

Sitting next to the protagonist, Ai (panties visible) points to a page in a catalogue

As much as I dislike Uehara Ai for delisting her videos (including this one), her performance in this video is fantastic as always and it's never a dull moment. The only thing I dislike about this video is the use of a visual effect in which a bright light covers the screen whenever the protagonist starts or stops ogling Ai. It gets very repetitive and distracting. Otherwise, an excellent video.

★★★★ 4/5




Presented by: WANZ Factory
Produced by: Mr. Friday & Monday
Associate Producer: Wide shallow
Written by: Porn Stars
Actress: Ai Uehara (上原亜衣) • Mizuki Ogata (緒方みずき)
Director of Photography: The Bicycleman
Lighting: Rock Stone
Editor: Fat Tribe
Directed by: Porn Stars