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WANZ-140: Don't FOOL with ME – Hamasaki Mao

DVD cover of WANZ-140

WANZ-140 is a 2013 video from Wanz Factory starring Hamasaki Mao.

In this video, Mao wears a variety of schoolgirl outfits, including a school swimsuit. The video is shot very plainly with generic sets and basic lighting. It is very bare-bones, with little else apart from the sex scenes.

Mao lies on a sofa in a school swimsuit

The majority of the scenes has Mao play a dominant role, which is something she excels at. However, she is handcuffed in the final scene where she is submissive.

Mao, in schoolgirl uniform, scowls at the camera

Despite Mao giving a good performance, the production of this video is incredibly lazy, and no amount of crazy video filters can save it.

Mao crouches on a bed; the video's colours are inverted

Score: 2/10