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WAAA-185: First Time World Fuck with a Black Man – Kanon Urara

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DVD cover of WAAA-185

WAAA-185 is a 2022 video from WANZ Factory. That's right: I'm actually reviewing a video from this year!

The video stars Kanon Urara, whom I hadn't watched much of before, so it was nice to be able to give her a proper appraisal.

Urara, seated on a swing

The video starts with an interview in which Urara gives her thoughts before having sex with a black guy for the first time. She comes across slightly nervous. There is a brief outdoors posing scene set to the song "If You Got It", composed by Roy III Hamilton, which is quite catchy.

The black guy, Michael, joins her on the sofa. Michael is incredibly charismatic, and they seem to hit it off well. Urara is impressed by Michael's tongue action, who tries to steal a kiss from her. She makes use of the opportunity to practise her English when answering some questions.

Urara is impressed by Michael's tongue

There are four sex scenes in this video. The first is a blowjob-only scene with Michael. The second and third are ordinary sex scenes with Michael. The final scene is a threesome involving Michael and the actor sometimes referred to as FBG. These are interspersed with posing scenes, including one featuring the song "Sunshine" by DJ Unwind ft. Mateo.

The sex scenes aren't really anything special; they do the job. This video doesn't really offer anything other than sex scenes, posing scenes and interview segments. That said, what does make this video worth watching is the casting of Michael, who makes it a lot of fun to watch. Urara didn't exactly blow me away, but she seems cute and I'd watch her again.

Score: 7/10