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W-7: World Gals Fuck in England

It's quite rare that a JAV is filmed in my country, so I like to seek these out. This 2002 video has scenes with three women. They are all, in fact, established porn performers, although this is not alluded to in the video. Also, England encompasses the entire British Isles, apparently.

First up is Laura Carlick. We see a form of ID for each of the three women, and in Laura's case it is a rail photocard. There is a really awkward interview, thanks to the language barrier, which manages to be cringeworthily entertaining. This is followed by her dancing with the actor for some reason, and then a fairly ordinary sex scene. Not that you can see much thanks to the massive analogue mosaic. And people complain about today's mosaics!

Next up is Fran Lord, whose ID of choice is her driving licence. To change things up a little, the interview takes place on a park bench. A little less awkward this time, although Fran says she'd rather fuck the cameraman. So, back at the hotel, the sex scene is filmed by the cameraman whilst he's fucking, and the end result is not great.

Finally, we have Donna Ibbotson. No outdoor scene this time, and the interview is very brief. Donna fucks the actor, letting the cameraman get on with his job. I liked the bit where the actor licks Donna's nipples, but otherwise it is a very basic sex scene.

Although the cover art features some interesting photos, including ones of Stonehenge and a Routemaster bus, none of these appear in the actual video, which is a shame. Aside from the interview at the park, the only outdoors shot is a brief glimpse of a road, presumably taken from the hotel room window.

In conclusion, this video is an interesting specimen of a JAV filmed in England, and it is certainly a relic of its era. However, it otherwise offers very little of value.

Rating: 6/10

2023-09-17 update: This review originally stated that the video is from 2005. However, this is likely only the year in which the video became available digitally from DMM.co.jp. It was originally released on VHS in 2002. The review has been updated to reflect this.