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VRTM-025: The Beautiful Girl Who Came From Italy To Make Her AV Debut – Victoria Yuki

DVD cover of VRTM-025

I've written about Victoria Yuki (a.k.a. Yukikon) before – the Italian woman who made three videos for V&R Produce in 2014 before returning to her native land where she continued her porn career.

Yukikon greets two men around a table. They all wear kimono.

Her debut video, VRTM-025, was directed by Sayu~ki, who is perhaps better known for making scatological productions. You may be relieved, therefore, that this video contains none of that type of content.

Yukikon serves some meat she's sliced to a man

The video starts with Yukikon in the back of a car, being driven to the studio. There is a bit of an interview, with her answering somewhat impressively in Japanese, although she does struggle with the language at times. She is soon handed a vibrator and asked to masturbate, which she does eagerly. Although the fact that she doesn't wear a seatbelt is a little concerning.

Yukikon masturbates using a vibrator in the back of a car

At the studio, there is a more formal interview, with Yukikon talking about her love of sex and AV, being a big fan of Mihiro in particular. She also mentions her love of idol group Morning Musume; she has a tattoo on her arm with the text「晴れ 雨 のち スキ ♡」, which is the title of one of their songs.

Yukikon and Satō hug

Next, Yukikon goes to an apartment where they are filming VRTM-023. She meets Satō Haruki, who is starring in the video. They have a rather interesting discussion about differences between JAV and western porn, career aspirations, and so on. They take a selfie together, and follow each other on Twitter. The bubbly Satō is so sweet and seems to take a lot of interest in Yukikon.

Yukikon watches from behind the cameras as Satō slaps a naked man

Yukikon then watches from behind the camera as they film Satō's sex scene. As a JAV fan, it must have been fascinating to watch it happening right in front of her. To be honest, I found it interesting just seeing the behind-the-scenes shots. When shooting has wrapped up, Yukikon is ordered to not masturbate that evening, as she'll be shooting her own sex scenes the following day.

A man prepares to have his way with Yukikon, who is dressed in a school swimsuit and wearing a classic red randoseru

There's a decent variety of sex scenes, some of which are quite uncommon for a debut video. To start with, Yukikon wears a school swimsuit and randoseru and gives a guy a blowjob. Next, she wears a kimono and has a threesome with two guys (after being interviewed by them); I liked the bit where one of the guys cums on her face but it trickles down into her ear. There is then a bukkake scene on board a train (fake, of course). And finally, her acting chops are put to the test in a drama scene. To be honest, her acting wasn't too great, but it must have been difficult since she had to speak a foreign language.

Yukikon is felt up by a group of men on a train

All in all, this is an enjoyable debut video that obviously has quite a rare concept, but aside from that provides a great range of different types of content and stays entertaining throughout.

★★★★ 4/5