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Western review: The View (2023, Deeper)

DVD cover of The View

The View is a 2023 film from studio Deeper, written by Siena Bennett and Kayden Kross, and directed by Derek Dozer. Originally released as a four part series, it is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller, Rear Window.

Avery and Liam talk in the back of a car

Avery Cristy plays a woman with a well-paying job. What her job actually is wasn't too clear to me, but she lives at Luma Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles and has a personal assistant played by the incredibly camp Liam Riley. Something of a party girl, she hooks up with a stranger at a club. But she doesn't just hooks up with anyone – she's picky. Fortunately for Isiah Maxwell, he fits the bill, and they go at it in the bathroom.

Isiah makes an advance on Avery in a nightclub

She returns home with her friends, but unfortunately the lift is broken meaning she's forced to take the stairs, which she slips on and injures her legs, leaving her wheelchair bound.

Avery and her friends exit the car and walk towards Avery's apartment block

Not many porn films feature wheelchair users. Of course, the real life Avery Cristy doesn't need to use a wheelchair, but it is interesting to see how much her character is affected by not being able to use her legs. The usually outgoing Avery is stuck in her apartment, something which I don't quite understand. Surely in this day and age, being in a wheelchair doesn't mean you're confined to your home. Maybe the lift is still broken, but then how did she get back up to her apartment from the hospital?

Avery in a wheelchair, smoking by the window

At any rate, bored and with nothing else to do, Avery spends her time looking out of the window and spies on her neighbours in the apartment block opposite. What a nosy parker!

Avery looking out of the window with binoculars

She spies on Anton Harden as he gets changed and is incredibly impressed by his cock. Avery also notices Nicole Doshi and Ramon Nomar (whose name I only just realised is a palindrome!) have kinky sex, a sight she masturbates to. Avery and Liam also witness Mick Blue cheating on Maya Woulfe with Anya Olsen. There's a somewhat tense scene as we see Maya returning home, set to catch her partner in the act.

The view through Avery's binoculars: she spies on a woman in her underwear

The excitement builds when, one day, Avery realises she herself is being watched by Anton. There's a bit of a running joke where Anton says he found her details in the yellow pages, whilst Avery and Liam don't know what those are. I do wonder why Avery's home address and telephone number would be in the yellow pages rather than the white pages, but hey-ho.

Avery shakes hands with Anton

Anyway, this is a beautifully shot film that really captures a voyeuristic feel that replicates that of Hitchcock's masterpiece really well. It also showcases Avery's incredibly convincing acting ability, which makes this film so much more captivating.

Avery and Liam share the binoculars and look out of the window

Deeper are known for their carefully crafted films, so expectations were already high. However, The View pushes past even those and is truly a modern masterpiece.

★★★★★ 5/5