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TEAM-001: Nakagawa Mirei Debut

TEAM-001 DVD cover

TEAM-001 is a 2013 video from director Kyōsei. It is not only the debut video of Nakagawa Mirei, but is also the debut video of studio teamZERO.

Mirei pulls up in a white Mustang convertible

First thing to note is that Mirei rides a pretty sweet Mustang. She picks up the cameraman and drives to Yamanashi Prefecture.

Mirei enjoys a white and blue ice cream

There, Mirei digs in to some yummy ice cream. Or is it soft serve? I can never tell the difference.

Mirei on board an amphibious bus, Mount Fuji in the background

They take a ride on an amphibious bus and ride across Lake Yamanaka. It offers a nice view of Mount Fuji.

Mirei enjoys a hot dog

It's then time to sample the local cuisine by eating… a hot dog? Well, that'd probably be my choice too, to be fair.

Mirei lies on a hammock, her feet pointed to the camera

You gotta let the food digest, so what better way than to lie back in a hammock? The cameraman channels his inner Tarantino by focusing on Mirei's feet. For which I am appreciative. Mirei wiggles her big toes. And her little toes. And all her toes in between. Why don't more films show off women's feet?

Mirei picks a blueberry

It's then off to a blueberry farm. Mirei has fun picking blueberries and eating them. Once she's had her fill, she fills up a box with blueberries. Then, it's time to turn those blueberries into jam! If you want to know how to make blueberry jam, here's a recipe:

A recipe to make blueberry jam

I was surprised by how much sugar is required to make jam, but I guess it makes sense. Mirei works hard to stir the ingredients and then carefully fills up a couple of jars with the result. Looks yummy!

Mirei stirs a pot in which she's making blueberry jam

Mirei then swaps her Mustang for a go-kart. The previously sunny weather has become rather murky, thus results in what looks like a crossover between Mario Kart and Silent Hill. Mirei handles her kart very well, leaving her opponents far behind.

Mirei rides a go-kart in the fog

It's been a long day, and Mirei sees it out with another meal – this time some sort of kayu. This video sure makes me hungry!

Mirei eats some sort of porridge

So yeah, this is a rather interesting travelogue of Yamanashi Prefecture, showcasing some places and activities I might check out if I'm ever in that part of Japan. I have to say, Mirei laughs a lot, which isn't such a bad thing, but I do find it a bit irritating. Sorry, I try to be respectful, but sometimes you gotta say it like it is. That said, she is beautiful and comes across as a fun person.

Mirei sheds post-sex tears

What's that? You want to know about the sex? Well, it's nothing special. Mirei keeps closing her legs, thus blocking the view. And during her first sex scene she cries a lot, which is a bit off-putting. Honestly, just watch this for the travelogue. The sex scenes aren't worth bothering with.

★★★★ 4/5