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SVDVD-920: REIRA, Single Mother and Empress of Martial Arts

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DVD cover of SVDVD-920

SVDVD-920 is a 2022 reality-style video from Sadistic Village, starring Mitake Yūna as REIRA, a single mother who is also an expert martial artist.

REIRA, wearing officewear, kicks a man wearing martial arts clothing

Casting Yūna in the role is very fitting, as she is an actual martial artist. She demonstrates her skills in this video, which starts with her getting into a fight with a group of male fighters whilst sporting officewear.

REIRA stretches, her legs over her head

After getting changed into more suitable attire, she does various stretches, demonstrating her incredibly flexible body.

REIRA prepares to fight five guys

REIRA then spars with the group of men once more. Although there are moments where she has the upper hand, she is eventually overpowered, and her opponents take the opportunity to fuck her.

A man lifts REIRA up

When the fight is complete, REIRA goes outside to wander the streets of Pixel Land, passing by what is most certainly not a 7-Eleven, to reach a hotel room where she fucks some more.

REIRA walks across a pixelated exterior shot

Although I do love JAVs that demonstrate performers' unique talents (which this video most certainly does), I couldn't help feeling a little underwhelmed by this video. Perhaps it was because it felt too staged or because it felt like a low-budget production. Yūna's is certainly a great performer, however, and I look forward to watching more videos from her.

★★★☆☆ 3/5