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STAR-128: Celebrity Hitomi's shocking AV debut

DVD cover of STAR-128

STAR-128 (sometimes referred to as STAR-128s) was the AV debut of Hitomi, who would quickly become one of the most famous AV stars worldwide. It was directed by Keita★No.1 and released by SOD Create in 2008.

Hitomi brushes her hair with her fingers

The star of this video had previously appeared in some image videos under the name Tanaka Hitomi, but this was the first time she had completely exposed her impressive J-cup breasts and had sex on camera.

Hitomi sticks one of her breasts through a railing and pokes it with a finger

For most of the first half of the video, Hitomi's clothes stay firmly on. Instead, there are interviews and posing scenes. Even though her tits are a large part of Hitomi's appeal, I appreciate that there are many shots focusing on her arse too. There are also shots of her running and jumping, which causes her breasts to bounce. Although this video is presented in 4:3 aspect ratio, certain short scenes are widescreen with black bars on the top and bottom.

A panty shot of Hitomi wearing business attire

There are only two proper sex scenes in this video. In the first, Hitomi wears a bikini, the top piece of which remains on. In fact it is only three-quarters through the video that she finally bares her breasts during her final sex scene. Amusingly, she starts off by wearing the same T-shirt she would later go on to wear in the 2011 film, Gokuraku Sentou: Kyonyuu Yumomi.

Hitomi wearing her famous T-shirt

Overall, a great start to Hitomi's AV career. This video shows us what makes Hitomi great, and keeps us wanting more. Thankfully, there would be a lot more over the following 13 years.

Score: 8/10