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SSNI-974: Undercover at the Titty Bar – Amane Mahina

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DVD cover of SSNI-974

SSNI-974 is a 2021 video from studio S1 No.1 Style's Excessive Kindness Makes Her Go All The Way While Hustling And Servicing series. Doesn't that just roll off the tongue!

Mahina drinks alcohol from a glass as a man with a blurry face watches her

Directed by ZAMPA, the video features Amane Mahina spending a night working at a titty bar, where customers can cop a feel from gorgeous ladies.

Mahina spies on what's happening in the bar on an office monitor

We see Mahina enter the bar and watch what's going on inside on the monitors before heading in herself. There, she serves the clientele, letting them grope her tits. But she goes far beyond this, and gives them blowjobs and even full service fucks, whilst other women give the standard treatment to other customers in the background.

Mahina licks a guy's tongue as a man feels up a woman in the background

Mahina is a fine performer who looks like she's having a great time. I love her smile that makes her nose wrinkle up. But alas, I found this video too bland to really enjoy. It's just a bunch of sex scenes that happens to be filmed at a bar. There isn't much variety so it gets old pretty quick. And despite it being filmed in a documentary style, I refuse to believe that the men featured in the video are genuine customers (even though their faces are blurred). It just doesn't seem convincing enough to be worth the effort.

Mahina smiles as her nose wrinkles up

I'd be keen to watch another video starring Mahina, but this video was largely a snoozefest that sadly failed to keep my interest.

★★☆☆☆ 2/5