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SNIS-075: My Hot Life with Asuka Kirara

DVD cover of SNIS-075

SNIS-075 is a 2014 video from studio S1 NO.1 STYLE's Live-In Fucking Lifestyle series, directed by K.C. Takeda. The video imagines what it would be like to live with Asuka Kirara.

Kirara looks at the camera as she kisses 'your' lips even though your eyes are visible in the shot?!

Shot from a point-of-view perspective, you look through the eyes of an assistant director. At least, I assume you're meant to be seeing through his eyes. There are points where you can actually see the guy's face, which would be impossible.

Kirara squirts ketchup (from a bottle) onto your breakfast (sausages, eggs and buns)

At the start of the video, Kirara prepares breakfast for you, even writing her name in ketchup on some buns. Or rather, due to there only being two buns, she writes "Kira". I hope the guy from Death Note isn't involved!

Kirara serves you your breakfast

This is followed by a scene in which Kirara tries to wake you up. She figures the best way to do this is to stimulate your nipples. This kind of content isn't for anyone and, to be honest, isn't to my liking. But fortunately (or unfortunately) it doesn't last long.

You pat Kirara's head

At work, your job is to apparently to hold onto some cables. Your hand trembles as the woman you love makes out with her co-star. That was quite amusing, not gonna lie. Of course, there's a fair amount of jazz hands in this video, too.

You hold a cable on a film set as Kirara snogs her co-star

Another amusing scene is when you accompany a drunk and dishevelled Kirara home. She stumbles her way to the front door, which you have to help her unlock. It's interesting to see Kirara without her usual coiffed appearance.

A drunk Kirara outside her home

Similarly, there's a bit where Kirara jumps to conclusions and scolds you for coming home late. I like that Kirara isn't portrayed in a perfect light. She's human, after all.

Kirara prepares to hit you with a cushion

There's also a scene featuring a teary Kirara in the make-up room. Not the most convincing performance, but I like the framing of watching Kirara in the mirror.

A teary Kirara looks into a mirror in the make-up room

All in all, an entertaining video. To be honest, it feels very fake and I'm not sure we get a good idea of what it would really be like to live with Kirara. But perhaps it's more interesting this way.

★★★★ 4/5