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SNIS-052: Home Teacher Asuka Kirara

DVD cover of SNIS-052

SNIS-052 is a 2013 video from studio S1 No.1 Style and director Kyōsei.

Kirara enjoying a glass of Woodbridge wine

The video stars Asuka Kirara as a private tutor. She's supposed to be teaching Tamaki Rei, but instead indulges in fine wine (Woodbridge, to be precise). Ever the fashionista, she looks stylish in her silk jacket and fedora (or is it a trilby?). As she takes a nap, Rei nervously approaches, jazz hands and all. Kirara awakens and is reminded of her previous encounters with students…

Kirara, wearing a bikini top and sunglasses, looking over Daisuke studying

In one flashback, we have Kirara seducing and fucking Shimiken whilst wearing spectacles for some reason. In another, she gets Sadamatsu Daisuke to masturbate alongside her; he doesn't get to fuck her, but he does cum on her leg. She starts off wearing sunglasses and a bikini top, which looks a bit ridiculous.

A variety of English language books, including The Usborne Little Book of Dinosaurs, After The Party by Lisa Jewell, The Fifth Mountain by Paul Coelho, Impossible by Danielle Steel, The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart and Chess Tactics for Kids by Murray Chandler

There's a scene in which Kirara has sex with a student's father, which is a great one for fans of squirting; the camera gets very wet. Next is a scene shot from the point of view of an ill student resting in bed (who, I might mention, has a very nice Tube map in his room). Kirara tries to feed him rice, but he doesn't want it. But when Kirara plucks out some of her pubic hair and gives it to him, he readily gobbles it up. WTF?! She follows this by giving him a handjob. We return to the present day and Kirara makes out with Rei, and he unleashes his load upon her face.

Kirara hands over her pubic hair

This is an enjoyable video with some great performances from Kirara. She's always entertaining to watch, and I particularly enjoyed seeing the range of outfits she wears in this video.

★★★★ 4/5