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SDMU-305: Creampie Russian Roulette 2

DVD cover of SDMU-305

SDMU-305 is a 2016 video from studio SOD Create and director CHAIN sou.

The host, Myū, holds up some cash as the four couples prepare to fuck

Following a similar formula to the previous entry in the seriesSDMU-169 – it is in the style of a game show featuring four "couples" competing to win a million yen. They have sex with each others' partners and score cash for each creampie.

The four women prepare to fuck their boyfriends

The first half hour has the production team seeking out contestants. First they visit a park where they meet university students Mana (Mizushiro Rino) and Kenya who form the red team. Next we visit a real estate company where we meet Saeko (Manaka Miku) and Shinji of the yellow team. We then head to an apartment where we're introduced to shop clerk Aya (Suzukawa Ayane) and Takashi who works at an izakaya; they are the blue team. At another apartment, we meet the green team – Ayako (Aoi Chie) who is an accountant at a construction company and Tōru who works at a securities company.

Myū shows some of the cash prize

We're then introduced to the host, Myū, who – fun fact – was mostly active as an AV performer during the early to mid 2000s. She wears a smart red jacket, which is customary for game show JAVs.

Ayako watches as Aya snogs her boyfriend

When the competition actually begins, things start off slowly, with each couple first kissing, then each woman giving her boyfriend handjobs, followed by blowjobs, before finally fucking.

Mana has a jealous expression as her boyfriend fucks one of the other women

It's then that the section that is the bulk of this video commences. Each woman takes turns to fuck each man (starting with her boyfriend). She starts with one sex act, then after fucking all four men, repeats with a different sex acts, until she has completed five acts. Then a different woman takes over. The women who aren't actively having sex watch as their boyfriends fuck a stranger, through which we get some amusing reactions. If the process were a Python script, it might look like:

for woman in [mana, aya, saeko, ayako]:
  for sex_act in [cowgirl, doggy, seated_cowgirl_whilst_snogging, sex_with_vibrator, that_one_where_the_woman_is_resting_on_her_shoulders_with_her_legs_in_the_air]:
    for man in [kenya, takashi, shinji, tooru]:
      sex_act(woman, man)

I won't spoil the surprise for who racks up the most money, but needless to say, there are creampies aplenty in this video. There are some great performances in this video, but the standout is Aoi Chie's as Ayako, who has the most amazing facial expressions. Even for the parts where she's not fucking, she has incredible presence whenever her boyfriend is fucking another woman, watching very intently, often with a blob of drool on her lip. In fact, a big deal was made about Chie's amazing performance on 4chan, following the video's release. Props, too, to Mizushiro Rino as Mana, for the hilarious jealous expressions she makes.

Ayako has a delighted look, a blob of drool on her lip, as her boyfriend fucks one of the other women

The video does get a bit repetitive at times, but it's still entertaining, especially thanks to Chie. I just wish they didn't blur the guys' faces, as it can be a bit distracting.

★★★★ 4/5