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SBM-82: Street Fucker

Cover of SBM-82

SBM-82 (also released as BMDS-069) is a 2002 video from BIGMORKAL. Of course, from the title and cover you can immediately tell that this is heavily inspired by Capcom's Street Fighter series of fighting games.

Chun-Li holds a fighting stance

The leading lady is Shirakawa Narumi in the role of the Chinese warrior Chun-Li. Her legs may not be quite like tree trunks, but otherwise I'd say she looks the part.

Chun-Li fights two opponents

The video's title may suggest that the focus is on fucking. But whilst there is certainly a lot of that, it also stays true to the soruce material and includes several fight scenes, which are all thrillingly choreographed. I've seen many Street Fighter porn parodies, but very few have gone to this amount of effort to include credible fight scenes.

Sakura tries to get with Ryu

Joining Chun-Li in battle is the original world warrior Ryu, as well as relative newcomer Sakura (played by Takahashi Misa). Being Ryu's number one fan, Sakura's dreams must surely have come true when Ryu agrees to engage in a fucking session with her.

E. Honda shows off his fighting skills to Guile

To round off the cast, we have E. Honda (ever keen to demonstrate his sumō skills) and a somewhat unconvincing Guile (I wonder if his theme goes with this JAV).

Narumi is about to bite into a spring roll

The main feature is about 1 hour 13 mins long, and is followed by a 13 min behind-the-scenes section. It's interesting to see some outtakes of the fighting scenes, but even more interesting to watch Narumi tuck into her lunch!

Chun-Li kicks high, letting us see up her dress

In conclusion, this is one of the best Street Fighter porn parodies you'll find. The fight choreography is great. My only real criticism is that Guile doesn't look much like Guile.

Score: 8/10