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RKI-292: Thanks For Your Semen – Extreme Lookalike, Watanabe Mayu [SJC 12/20]

This is a review of a video I watched as part of the Soapy JAV Challenge, in which one must watch 20 JAVs between 15th September and 15th October. This is video 12 of 20.

DVD cover of RKI-292

RKI-292 is a 2013 video from studio Rookie, directed by Tiger Kosakai.

"Mayuyu" snogs a fan

The video purportedly stars Watanabe Mayu who was, at the time, one of the most popular members of Japan's top idol group, AKB48. In fact, she has been my personal favourite for some years when this video was released. It should be no surprise, however, that the video only stars a lookalike, Momota Mayuka (also known as Kirihara Satomi).

"Mayuyu" at a handshake event

Although Mayuki looks a bit like Mayuyu (as her fans call her) on the DVD cover, she resembles her far less in the actual video. I also don't think she got her personality across either. There is a parody of a handshake event that turns into a dick-shaking event and eventually a bukkake, but that's hardly a Mayuyu-specific thing.

A photographer points his camera at "Mayuyu"'s breasts

I was amused by the first scene in which "Mayuyu" is doing a gravure photoshoot and the photographer tries to convince her that his sexual advances towards her are purely to make for a better shoot. There's also a scene where she wears a really cool sailor fuku / hoodie combo.

"Mayuyu" wearing a cute sailor fuku and hoodie

Overall, this isn't a bad video, but it does fail at trying to represent Mayuyu. There are better idol parodies, such as the previously reviewed MIAD-620 (parody of AKB48's Kasai Tomomi) or HITMA-163 (parody of the idol group, Momoiro Clover Z). Or just watch a video starring one of the several former AKB48 members who graduated to JAV.

★★★☆☆ 3/5