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RKI-280: Bukkake by the Man who Produces the Most Cum in the World – Hasegawa Riho

DVD cover of RKI-280

RKI-280 is a 2013 video from director Piero Da for studio Rookie's (probably) most famous series, Bukkake by the Man who Produces the Most Cum in the World.

"Riho Hasegawa – The world's best SAMEN AV!!"

This instalment features Hasegawa Riho, who kicks off the video with some posing and an interview, before a man wearing a balaclava and dressing gown enters the room. He speaks a bit of English, presumably implying he's a foreigner, although I'm pretty sure he's actually Japanese, and starts rubbing his hands all over Riho. After a fair amount of groping, the guy takes off the dressing gown to reveal not just his dick, but also his absolutely humongous balls!

Riho's face covered in "cum"

Of course, these balls are totally fake, but it's amusing to see Riho act totally shocked to see them. They end up fucking and the guy unleashes a torrent of spunk. This is the main selling point of the series. Apparently the jizz is actually just soy milk but, quantity aside, it looks rather convincing.

Riho drools

In the next couple of scenes, a second similarly masked man with massive balls joins the action in a threesome. Where do they find these guys? I should note that they don't just cum once, they cum multiple times. Incredible!

Riho snogs one masked man whilst being fondled by another

The final scene is short from the point-of-view perspective of one of the big-balled men, fucking Riho wearing a nurse outfit. Unfortunately, like a lot of point-of-view scenes, the camera moves all over the place – not only does this guy have massive balls, but his neck can apparently stretch all over the place!

Riho's face covered in "cum" again

I like the concept of this series, however this particular instalment didn't really stand out. There were points at which Riho didn't seem entirely engaged, but she's cute (though I worry about her skinniness) and put in a decent performance. The set was very generic, which I guess is fine for a production like this, but the video is basically just like any other in this series.

★★★☆☆ 3/5