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Western review: Reckless (2023, Wicked)

DVD cover of Reckless

Reckless is a 2023 film from Wicked Pictures, directed by Seth Gamble who also stars in the lead role, and produced by Axel Braun who makes a "special appearance".

Harlow raises her arm whilst enjoying a ride in an open-top car

Seth plays Silas Knight, a "tech genius" who just got out of prison and has a run-in with bent cop Matteo Bennett (Lexington Steele). When Matteo's partner is killed, Silas is arrested as the primary suspect. So the film is essentially about a bunch of criminals not getting along.

Silas is ambushed by Matteo and his partner

That's about as much as I could gather, because the story isn't told very well and most of the dialogue is unintelligible due to mumbling and the sound levels. What I did gather of the story was not particularly compelling.

A news report where they just have to take a dig at Donald Trump

One of the main problems with this film is that none of the characters are likeable. Even the main female character Harlow (Ivy Wolfe) has barely any personality at all. The acting throughout is atrocious with some incredibly stilted delivery of lines.

Cara (Nicole Doshi) licks Lucius (Mick Blue)'s face for some reason

Some shots look like really bad CGI, such as a scene where Harlow is chasing birds on a beach. There's also a scene where it seems to switch from daytime to nighttime from one shot to the next.

Harlow chases birds on the beach

One of the few good things about this film is some of the music choice. One scene is accompanied by Sofia Lafuente's "Hurt You", which is an interesting song. Another is set to Gymnopédie No. 1 with vocals overlaid.

Harlow taking a bath

The film ends on a not particularly exciting cliffhanger, setting us up for the sequel. I probably won't be watching it, as I really didn't enjoy the first one. In fact, I also detested a previous Seth Gamble film, so I'm inclined to just ignore any film he directs.

Silas and Harlow lie together, under a blanket

By the way, you may notice from these screenshots that despite the video being 4K, the image quality is actually terrible. No film should make the audience wish it were over, yet that is exactly what this film did to me. Avoid.

☆☆☆☆ 1/5