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REBD-062/REBDB-048: SOD Female Employee Secondment!? Asano Emi

BD cover of REBDB-048

REBD-062 (DVD) / REBDB-048 (Blu-ray Disc) is a 2013 image video from studio REbecca, directed by HELLpess☆TAKA and starring one of my all-time favourite JAV performers, Asano Emi.

Emi, wearing a formal shirt and staff lanyard, walks to the studio and waves at the camera which she is holding

At the time, Emi was supposedly an employee of one of the top JAV companies, Soft On Demand (SOD), working in their PR department. She ended up getting roped in to appearing in their JAVs and even making her AV debut. That's how the story goes, anyway.

Emi looks at her camera as she sits on a sofa

The video starts with Emi filming herself walking to the studio. She films the crew as they prepare for the shoot until, at last, they are ready for her. Still wearing her office clothes, she rather shyly poses sexily for the camera and gradually strips until she is only wearing her lanyard and staff ID card. Our viewers need to be reminded that she is an SOD employee, after all. Emi is incredibly cute but also has a rocking bod. The size and shape of her breasts are perfection, and she probably has my all-time favourite JAV bush.

Emi wearing loungewear, covers up her nether regions with her hands as she smiles at the camera

In the next scene, Emi has changed into loungewear. Fortunately, it seems she does not wear her ID card at home as this has gone. In this scene, we even get to see her butthole. What a treat!

Emi in a kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron

In the third scene, Emi wears nothing but an apron. A naked apron, if you will. She takes a couple of bananas and some tomatoes out of the fridge (which is strange enough as it is), but then proceeds to wash them all. Who the heck washes bananas?! Once this is complete, she licks the fruit (which, perhaps, explains the washing). I feel bad for Emi who apparently doesn't know how to eat. Once Emi figures out how to peel a banana, I expect her to start eating it. However, she instead holds it to her pussy. What would Pastor Martin Ssempa think!

Emi unpeels a banana with her mouth

The last couple of scenes has Emi wearing a skimpy outfit as she gives a blowjob and titjob to a glass dildo. She masturbates in her lingerie, then takes it off and engages in (simulated) sex. There is no fake cum, for better or worse.

Emi in white lingerie

The video ends with an embarrassed Emi trying to hide her breasts, despite the fact that we've seen many close-ups of them over the past hour or so. But that's part of Emi's charm. She'll show off her wonderful body, but is always shy about doing so.

Emi in black lingerie

Image videos are a great way to enjoy the performer's beauty, and REbecca are certainly masters of their craft. I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this video, which did a fantastic job of capturing the marvel that is Emi.

Emi in her office clothes, unzips her skirt

Emi would later leave SOD to become an exclusive performer for Idea Pocket, and appeared in a total of five REbecca image videos.

★★★★★ 5/5