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RCTD-404: Family Fun with a Time Stop Wristwatch

DVD cover of RCTD-404

This 2021 video from ROCKET is one of my all time favourite time stop videos. Purely because of the sheer insanity of it. Quite possibly the craziest time stop JAV ever made. A young man inherits a time stop watch from his granddad (played by Bokkiy). He uses it to mess around and fuck with (literally) his mother, sister, aunt and grandmother.

There's the usual mucking around and fucking, but it gets better. Hilarious kissing scenes! Repurposing fake eyelashes as a moustache! Cumming on toast! Almost drowning the aunt! Cumming in the milk! And my favourite: Eating from the mother's mouth! Even the ending is brilliant.

Huge props to the performers who kept a straight face throughout. These performers did some of the best jobs I've seen at keeping a straight face in a time stop video, which is amazing considering the insanity of what happens.

If you haven't yet watched a time stop video, this is the one I recommend!

Rating: 9/10