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RCTD-348: Time Stop Watch 18 – Aimi Rika

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DVD cover of RCTD-348

If you've read my previous reviews of videos in studio ROCKET's Time Stop Watch series, you'll know that it's one of my all-time favourite JAV series.

Yūta inventing the time stopping stopwatch

High expectations, then, for 2020's RCTD-348, which is the 18th instalment (excluding numerous specials) and directed by Yamazaki Route, who has been responsible for some of the best entries in the series.

Shibuya Yūta stars as an inventor who makes a wristwatch that can stop time. Somehow he manages to do so despite attempting to use a soldering iron on the watch's casing (without using any solder) and displaying a similar lack of skill in using a screwdriver.

Yūta stops time to catch a falling drink can; Rika looks surprised

When Yūta lethargically collapses on the street, he is assisted to a hospital by nurse Aimi Rika who just happened to be passing by. When he wakes up, Yūta decides it's time to put his new wristwatch to the test.

Yūta first uses his wristwatch to stop time and catch a drink can he accidentally dropped as it is suspended in mid-air. Unfortunately, you can see that it is clearly suspended from strings, so the effect doesn't really work. In fact, the strings are completely unnecessary since the bottom of the can is off-screen so they could have simply had someone holding the bottom of it.

Yūta stretches open Rika's mouth and licks her gums

Afterwards, Yūta continues his (increasingly inappropriate) experiments. In the hospital's locker room, he stops time as Rika is getting changed, using the opportunity to suck her tongue and lick her face, in a way that would give Taku a run for his money. He even goes as far as to lick her gums and nostrils.

Of course, Yūta then proceeds to fuck Rika, including in the examination room and on a hospital bed. Throughout, Rika does a great job of keeping still, with only minor eye and tongue movements giving things away.

Yūta licks Rika's finger

One nice touch is that when Rika is facing away from the camera, there just happens to be a mirror in place so you can still see her face reflected in it.

Towards the end of the video, there's a bizarre scene in which Yūta spreads open Rika's vagina with a speculum and jerks off into it. Unfortunately, most if not all cumshots in this video appear to be fake, and you can sometimes hear squeaking sounds, like fake cum being squirted out of a pump. Yūta takes an X-ray of Rika's body, which shows that her vagina is filled with his cum; this makes no sense whatsoever.

Yūta pours liquid from his mouth into Rika's open mouth

There are some continuity errors in this video, including one scene in which the hospital doctor suddenly vanishes partway through, but it is certainly entertaining. This is a competent video, although somewhat overshadowed by other entries in this innovative series.

★★★☆☆ 3/5