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RCTD-252: Time Stop Watch 13

DVD cover for RCTD-252

Those of you who've known me for a while will know that I'm a big fan of Time Stop JAVs. They've been set in all kinds of locations; this video is set by the seaside. In this case, the guy (played by 中田真 Nakada Shin) is walking along the beach when he finds a mysterious watch. As expected, it's not long before he discovers it has the power to stop time, and naturally he uses that ability for nefarious purposes.

To create the illusion of time having stopped, the actresses do a reasonably good job of keeping still. One early scene features a prop that looks like a beer mug suspended in the air, which was a nice touch. Unfortunately, the suspension of disbelief is ruined by the wind and sea which are inexplicably unaffected by the world being paused.

Time stop!

One of my favourite parts in a Time Stop JAV is when the guy messes around with the women's bodies and do all kinds of silly things to them, such as playing with their faces. This video isn't the most creative video I've seen on that front, but it certainly has its share of amusing moments.

Open wide!

One of the highlights includes a scene in which Nakada's character steals another guy's girlfriend when time has stopped and fucks her. He also makes the woman suck off her boyfriend whilst he is fucking her.

Late in the film, the time traveller discovers that the magic watch also has the ability to reverse time. Cue some very odd scenes in which he cums on a woman, then reverses time so it looks like his dick is vacuuming the cum off the woman's body!

One of the best things about this video is that at the end there is over 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, including bloopers in which the actresses struggle to keep still and burst out laughing. You can tell that despite the difficulty involved, the performers are having a lot of fun. I wish more JAVs (especially Time Stop videos) had BTS footage like this.

I'm amazed they can even keep a straight face at all in this video.

In conclusion, although it doesn't quite meet the standards of RCTD-404 (for example), this is a well made Time Stop video with an interesting beach setting.

Rating: 8/10