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RCTD-031: A Good Son Should Know How His Mum Looks Naked!

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DVD cover of RCTD-031

RCTD-031 is a 2017 video from studio ROCKET's series Family Sex Game Turns Into Fakecest, directed by Kanbe Tarō.

Like others in this series, this video is themed like a game show. Two families (made up of a son, a mother, a younger aunt and an older aunt) have entered to win a trip to Hawaii. But to win, each son must correctly identify his family members by observing (and interacting with) their private parts.

A mother squirts into a bowl

Kōda Riri is a regular in this kind of video, and she plays the host in a non-sex role. She does an absolutely fab job, and her charismatic personality is one of my favourite things about this video.

Amongst the contestants are Tachibana Mary, Narusawa Hinami, Arima Yū, Kamiki Risa, Oshikawa Yūri and Kodama Rumi.

A mother and her sisters lie on their backs, legs in the air, whilst the son fucks his mother

I was a little disappointed by the bare-bones nature of the set. This kind of video rarely has an elaborate set, but if you took away the seaside-style cutout boards, it's literally just a small room with white walls and a blue curtain. Still, that's a minor complaint. I was more confused about the rules of the game, which didn't seem to make much sense. It was also hard to believe the sons weren't able to identify their mothers by their voices.

An aunt tries to suck cum out of her sister's pussy

Those gripes aside, this was a fun video with some rather amusing dialogue. I enjoyed how the women couldn't seem to decide whether they enjoyed fucking the son or not. There was a fun bit where an aunt tries to suck out the son's cum out of the mother's pussy so she doesn't get pregnant – as if that ever worked! …Obviously, it didn't work, though it was surprising they managed to instantly find out she was pregnant by inserting a pregnancy test into her pussy. Technology, eh?

A mother drools into her son's mouth

One aunt actually wanted the son to get her pregnant, so they had sex in quite an acrobatic position to maximise effectiveness, which was one of the highlights. There was also a fair bit of squirting and some saliva exchange, which were nice inclusions.

In summary, this video felt a bit low budget and didn't make much sense, but the sex was hugely entertaining and the cast did an absolutely brilliant job.

Score: 6/10