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R18.dev: 'Top' rankings – January 2024 edition

The R18.dev homepage has lists of the "top" actresses, studios, categories and directors. But how are these rankings determined?

It is purely based on the number of videos recorded on the site for that particular actress, studio, category or director. In other words, it shows the most prolific entities (though note this will be skewed by omnibus releases and the like).

In the future, perhaps other metrics could be used to create these lists, however the current set-up is quite a simple solution.

Note that the lists are just a snapshot of how the rankings looked at a particular point in time, and have to be updated manually. The previous rankings were determined in January 2023. A year has passed since then, so I am now updating the lists with the latest data.

So, what has changed? Not too much, in all honesty. Let's go through the new rankings for each type, one by one.

Top actresses

  1. Yui Hatano (11,192 videos; no change)
  2. Yumi Kazama (8,937 videos; no change)
  3. Yu Kawakami (7,816 videos; no change)
  4. Hibiki Otsuki (7,259 videos; no change)
  5. Reiko Sawamura (6,518 videos; no change)
  6. Yu Shinoda (5,899 videos; up from #7)
  7. Tsubomi (5,799 videos; down from #6)
  8. Mao Hamasaki (5,786 videos; no change)
  9. Chisato Shoda (5,709 videos; no change)
  10. Kurea Hasumi (5,128 videos; no change)

The only change to the actress ranking is that Yū has overtaken Tsubomi. This is not entirely surprising given Tsubomi retired early in 2022. It's therefore quite likely that Tsubomi will continue to slip down the rankings. That said, Yū herself seems to have retired in late 2023 and although there have been some new releases that had already been filmed, it will be interesting to see what happens to her position in the ranking.

Top studios

  1. Prestige (37,862 videos; no change)
  2. K M Produce (33,635 videos; no change)
  3. SOD Create (27,807 videos; no change)
  4. MOODYZ (24,846 videos; no change)
  5. MADONNA (21,412 videos; no change)
  6. S1 NO.1 STYLE (20,175 videos; no change)
  7. Center Village (17,469 videos; up from #8)
  8. STAR PARADISE (17,202 videos; down from #7)
  9. Ruby (15,118 videos; no change)
  10. Glory Quest (14,592 videos; new in Top 10)

There are a couple of changes in the studio ranking. Firstly, Center Village managed to overtake Star Paradise. Also, Glory Quest made it into the Top 10, kicking out Glory Quest which was previously ranked #10.

Top categories

  1. Featured Actress (498,142 videos; no change)
  2. Creampie (341,801 videos; no change)
  3. Big Tits (295,091 videos; no change)
  4. Married Woman (250,102 videos; no change)
  5. Mature Woman (235,095 videos; no change)
  6. Amateur (151,268 videos; no change)
  7. Beautiful Girl (130,920 videos; no change)
  8. Threesome / Foursome (116,559 videos; no change)
  9. Cowgirl (109,357 videos; no change)
  10. Blowjob (99,852 videos; new in Top 10)

There is a bit of manual intervention in the compiling of the category ranking because I exclude certain categories such as the Sample Video, Hi-Def, Over 4 Hours, Exclusive Distribution and Compilation categories that nobody is interested in. Anyway, there's only one change to this ranking, which is that Blowjob has entered the ranking at #10, which was previously occupied by Slut.

Top directors

  1. K-Taro (5,938 videos; no change)
  2. Mametaro Mamezawa (5,460 videos; up from #3)
  3. Rokusaburo Mishima (5,310 videos; down from #2)
  4. Dragon Nishikawa (4,501 videos; up from #5)
  5. Kyosei (4,353 videos; down from #4)
  6. Kitorune Kawaguchi (4,289 videos; no change)
  7. TODO (4,059 videos; up from #8)
  8. Mon C (3,971 videos; down from #7)
  9. Zaku Arai (3,479 videos; no change)
  10. K*WEST (3,061 videos; new in Top 10)

This is the ranking that saw the most fluctuation over the past year. Mametaro Mamezawa overtook Rokusaburo Mishima, Dragon Nishikawa overtook Kyosei, TODO overtook Mon C, and finally K*WEST entered the Top 10, taking the #10 spot from BIRDMAN Teppei.

So there you have it. The rankings on the R18.dev homepage are now updated, and I've also made some adjustments to the "featured" lists (which are just my arbitrary selection).

I plan on posting more on this blog about my future plans for improving R18.dev, so please stay tuned.