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PPPD-394: Busty Undercover Investigator – Sayama Ai

DVD cover of PPPD-394

PPPD-394 is a 2015 video from studio Oppai's Big Tits Undercover Investigation series.

Ai salutes

Sporting a classic black catsuit, Sayama Ai takes down molesters and panty snatchers, missions which she is alerted to by phone (I note that her ringtone is Beethoven's Fifth Symphony).

Ai kicks a bad guy

At the start of the video, Ai is shown to be a skilled fighter, defeating multiple bad guys in hand-to-hand combat. These are shown in super slow motion. There's an adage that everything looks cooler in slow motion; unfortunately, although there is some truth to this, it is extremely tedious to watch this footage at 10 times slower than the original speed, especially since it was shot at a standard framerate and therefore results in very choppy motion.

Ai holds her hands up as a man points a water pistol at her

One day, Ai is sent on a mission that may be a bit too much for her skillset. She ends up being drugged and becomes totally useless, leading to her being repeatedly raped (including a bizarre scene in which a group of kimomen have their way with her). How the tables have turned!

Ai shoots a pistol

Honestly, although the fight scenes had potential, overall this video is not particularly interesting and doesn't stand out amongst the plethora of other female investigator videos. Ai's performance is similarly passable. One to avoid, in this reviewer's opinion.

★★☆☆☆ 2/5