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PPPD-265: Fresh Faced High School Gal With Big Tits Fucks Wild! Kitano Chika

DVD cover of PPPD-265

PPPD-265 is a 2013 video from OPPAI starring Kitano Chika. Earlier that year, Chika had started adopting a gyaru look, which she maintained until her retirement.

Loading screen

Once we get past the loading screen(!), it quickly becomes clear that Chika's large, H-cup breasts are the focus of this video, and we see her sucking on her nipples.

Chika sucks on her nipple

There's a nice variety of settings. One scene is set in a school medical room, another at a bar… I particularly liked the one in a locker room in which Chika wears a rather fetching Arena swimsuit.

Chika in a swimsuit

There's a fun scene in which Chika tries to get the attention of her boyfriend, who is too absorbed in the manga he's reading, which we can tell from the ISBN is the first volume of the manga Silver Spoon.

Chika watches her boyfriend read a manga

Although this video doesn't do anything exceptional, it certainly is fun to watch. Fans of big boobs may wish to check this one out.

Score: 6/10