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PPPD-143: Exhibitionist Goes for the Tits! Hitomi

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DVD cover of PPPD-143

PPPD-143 is a 2011 video starring (Tanaka) Hitomi. I've previously reviewed videos of her from SOD Create and from Moodyz, however this time the video comes from studio OPPAI.

A hermit crab carries its shell across the beach.

From the cover, I thought the video was going to be mostly set on a beach. However, only the first 30 minute scene is. The video starts with some shots of Hitomi posing topless on the beach and a couple of shots of a sole hermit crab. Did you know that hermit crabs don't actually produce their own shells? Rather, they reuse shells produced by snails and other species to use as shelter.

Hitomi, wearing a silver bikini, poses on a beach.

After this, it's almost time for the sex. But not before we see footage of Hitomi's hair being done up by her stylist, whilst a man gropes her breasts. We then finally see Hitomi running across the beach, and ends up being pursued by a random man who catches up with her and has his way with her.

Hitomi lies on the back of a minivan.

What follows is a series of sex scenes: one on the beach, one in a bathroom, one in a Honda Stepwgn (which has extremely shaky footage), one where she is tied between a tree and a fence whilst being covered in oil and stimulated by vibrators, and lastly one in a bedroom. These are all rather generic and uninspired.

Hitomi, wearing a black bikini, has her wrists tied to a fence and a tree.

The title of the video is very misleading since none of its content can truly be considered exhibitionism. The beach scene, the minivan scene and the tied-up scene may have been filmed in the outdoors, but there are seemingly no members of the public about to witness the action.

Hitomi, wearing underwear, lies on a bed, back towards the camera.

Hitomi's most unique feature is her enormous breasts which, at the time of this video, were J cup sized (but would subsequently grow even larger). However, it is unfortunate that in this video there is a red mark – perhaps a rash or a scratch – between her breasts. I think the producers tried to hide it by having Hitomi wear a bra over that area, Kenzie Reeves style, but it is still a bit of a distraction especially since Hitomi's breasts are such a focal point of the video.

A title card with a black background with the text "END…"

Before the video ends – which I was a little unsure of due to the ellipsis on the title card – we see a repeated shot of the hermit crab from the intro. It makes me reflect that, just like the crab, this video makes me wish I too could retreat into a shell…

★★☆☆☆ 2/5