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OBA-075: Mother-In-Law to Attend – Ikuina Sayuri

DVD cover for OBA-075

OBA-075 was released in 2013 by Madonna. Starring Ikuina Sayuri, it is part of a series of videos all with the same plot: the male protagonist's wife has been hospitalised, leaving him alone at home. His mother-in-law takes pity on him and visits his home to help out with the household chores. One thing leads to another, and… you can guess the rest.

This particular video follows that story exactly, and embodies very little originality. Honestly, it's difficult to say much about such a middle-of-the-road video.

One thing I did notice is that the protagonist Kenichi pulls out a copy of Monthly DMM Magazine in a nice bit of product placement. Of course, it is now known as Monthly FANZA Magazine.

Monthly DMM Magazine

There's also a fun scene in which mother-in-law Sayuri finds his bin of cum tissues. I don't know if it was intentional, but as Kenichi grabs the bin from her, a tissue falls out and he struggles to catch it. I'm not sure if it was meant to be funny, if it was delibrate at all, but it certainly brings some levity to this bland tale.

A cum tissue flies out of a bin as Kenichi grabs it from Sayuri

If this video has one saving grace, it's that it features quite a lot of food. Sadly, those scenes are very brief, and you often don't get a very good look at the meals.

Kenichi eating instant noodles Various dishes on a table Kenichi eating a fish dish Kenichi and Sayuri preparing to eat

All in all, this video doesn't do anything wrong as such, but it doesn't do anything particularly well either. A distinctly average video.

Rating: 5/10