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NHDTA-934: These girls pee themselves while waiting for busy toilets, then can't resist when they are molested [SJC 21/20]

This is a review of a video I watched as part of the Soapy JAV Challenge, in which one must watch 20 JAVs between 15th September and 15th October. This is video 21 of 20.

DVD cover of NHDTA-934

NHDTA-934 is a 2017 video from studio Natural High and director Sakurai Vanilla. None of the performers are credited, although the video does seem to feature Miyazawa Yukari and Katō Ema.

The interior of a convenience store

Filmed at the famous Planemart set, the concept of this video is that the lid of a convenience store's toilet is stuck closed. It shows the reactions of the women who are desperate for a pee but find themselves unable to use the toilet.

The women have varying reactions. Some end up pissing in the cubicle, whilst others piss just outside. One woman squatted on top of the toilet in her high heels to piss, which seemed a bit dangerous as she kept slipping off!

A woman in high heels slips off the toilet seat she was pissing on

I liked one woman's well-meaning reaction to finding the toilet seat stuck, which was to try to get help from the member of staff at the till. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a queue and, being a considerate customer, she didn't want to barge in. So she instead went back and pissed on the floor. Sometimes such things are necessary if you wish to be polite.

Another woman pisses in her stockings in the restroom, then buys new stockings and goes back to the toilet to change into them, then finally does her actual shopping.

A woman pisses on the floor outside a toilet cubicle

All these scenes are captured by a "spy camera" which, although it gives a somewhat convincing feel, results in rather poor quality images. Sometimes it's difficult to make out the piss on the grainy footage.

There are some sex scenes in this video: on a couple of occasions, the woman are raped by a member of the store's staff (who all wear the film set's rented uniform). The women feel so guilty about pissing all over the floor that they accept their fate. On another occasion, a schoolgirl is raped by a male student in the bathroom.

A woman is raped by a member of staff

This is an interesting concept for a video and, aside from the poor quality footage, I found it an enjoyable experience to see what the women would do when faced with such a quandary. What would you do if you needed to pee but the only toilet couldn't be opened?

★★★☆☆ 3/5