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MVSD-284: Gokkun International 2 – Uehara Ai

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DVD cover of MVSD-284

A sequel to the first Gokkun International which starred Mizuna Rei, MVSD-284 is a 2016 video also from M's Video Group and director Kirin, but this time starring Uehara Ai.

Ai sticks out her tongue

As the title suggests, the premise of this video is that Ai meets and fucks a group of foreigners. Although the DVD cover features an assortment of different flags and one might quite reasonably think there'll be people from England, Scotland, Canada, India and so on, the reality is that it's really just four Americans and a guy from Mexico. Let this be a lesson to you: never trust a DVD's cover.

Ai smirks as she compares the length of her arm with G's

The opening credits has close-up shots of Ai posing in a number of different positions, with sparkle effects overlaid on top. Because any video is better with sparkles. ✨

Ai poses with sparkle effects

We then see Ai in a classroom, studying up on the men she'll later be fucking. It was amusing to see Ai try to pronounce "Detroit", where one of the men is from. As she does this, we see clips of the men hanging out in the green room, as they answer questions about their names, their ages and where they're from. Same as Rei's video, we have Ron Perez (38) from Mexico, the legendary Magnum (36) from New York, Terry-T (40) also from New York, G from Detroit who keeps his age a mystery for some reason, and Mr. Anderson (34) who hails from somewhere in the USA although where specifically is also a mystery.

Ai looks through her dossier on the guys

The guys then watch a recorded video of Ai introducing herself in English. It seems a bit strange to have them watch a video of the person they'll be meeting shortly, but whatever. I guess it was easier this way since she had English words to read. Honestly, her pronunciation is not great, but I appreciate the effort. I found it funny that she said, "I'm one of the sexiest Japanese porn actory." She's certainly not modest!

G points to the toy giraffe and Mr. Anderson

The men then make their way to the room where the action will take place. It was interesting to see them admire the room's party decorations. G spots a toy giraffe and says it looks like Mr. Anderson, who then compares a toy bear to G. They seem to have fun hanging out, enjoying cola and snacks.

The guys do a toast

Ai then enters, and greets the men one by one, giving them sweets as presents. When Mr. Anderson asks Ai if she made them, she bats away the question. "No make!" Ai's gestures and effort to speak English are incredibly endearing.

Ai makes an amusing gesture

Later on, when the group tuck into the snacks, Ai licks a Pocky stick, holds it out to G who takes a bite, and then feeds it to Magnum. What an indirect kiss!

Magnum takes a bite of the Pocky stick

Anyway, the guys eventually start feeling up Ai, in quite an assertive way that is unusual for JAV. One by one, items of clothes come off, she gives them blowjobs and they start fucking. The guys creampie her, and as the cum seeps out of her pussy, it is collected on a spoon, which Ai sucks up, plays with, then swallows.

Ai wearing a blonde wig and lingerie

In the second half of the video, we see a group of Japanese men in their underwear watching a recording of the first half playing on a monitor. Then, Ai appears wearing a blonde wig. I'm not sure if it's supposed to make her look like a foreigner and therefore give extra justification to the "international" in the title, and I'm not sure it exactly suits her, but I guess Rei did it so Ai must too.

A group of about a dozen Japanese men watch the first half of the video on a monitor

After some teasing, they fuck on an exercise mat. The guys creampie her, and the cum seeps onto the mat, which Ai sucks it off of. As before, she plays with the cum then swallows it.

Ai appears behind the monitor

The video ends with a sequence where the screen is split into four, showing replays of Ai swallowing cum. The four clips are synchronised so Ai swallows at the same time. This repeats a few times with different clips.

Finger lickin' good

Unfortunately, Uehara Ai delisted most of her videos, including this one, meaning acquiring a copy (especially legally) can be rather difficult. It's a shame because I really enjoyed this video. Ai really goes all out here, and seeing the banter between the male performers and their interactions with Ai is a treat.

★★★★★ 5/5