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MMR-AA073: Angel Advent 2 – Gemma

To celebrate the Christian season of Advent, I am reviewing the three image videos released by Spice Visual in their series, Angel Advent.

DVD cover of MMR-AA073

Following on from her debut video, MMR-AA073 is Gemma's second image video, also released in 2017.

Gemma sitting on a bollard in a park, except you can't see her face because of the special effects

The video starts with Gemma posing on the street and in a park whilst we are bombarded with distracting visual effects. I want to get a good view with Gemma, but instead I have to put up with this completely unnecessary rainbow glow crap. We're already off to a bad start.

Gemma pulls on her panties as she sits on an exercise ball

Back indoors, Gemma wears nothing but a hoodie and panties. Oh, and pasties. I guess now Gemma doesn't have to try (and fail at) covering her nipples with her hands as she did in the previous video. However, what does return from the previous video is the transparent exercise ball, which Gemma is once again bouncing around on. Either such scenes are extremely popular or they really ran out of ideas.

Gemma takes a bath

Then comes a shower and bath scene. Gemma wears a pink bikini in the bath, which is just as strange as last time, and once again she eventually takes it off. Without pasties, we're back to Gemma trying to cover her nipples, and she's as bad at it as ever.

Gemma sits at the only desk in a classroom

In the next scene, it's time for school, and Gemma is in the weirdest classroom I've ever seen. There's only her desk and chair, the world's tallest filing cabinet, and some sash windows looking out onto a bedroom. Where do all the other students sit? Where's the blackboard? Or whiteboard? Or any other colour board? Anyway, Gemma takes her clothes off, which is a highly inappropriate thing to do in an educational establishment. It is evidently a music lesson as Gemma takes out her recorder and starts licking it. She is truly in need of an education if she doesn't even know she's supposed to blow into it!

Gemma positions a mannequin so it is grabbing her arse

Next up, Gemma is in… I don't even know what kind of room it's supposed to be, but the wall is seemingly made of corrugated metal and it has an incredibly rusty door. Anyway, she tries to make out with a mannequin. Yeah… Poor Gemma's love life can't be going well if she can only get company from a dummy.

Gemma, lying on a bed, looks up at the person massaging her breasts

At least she gets some human contact from the anonymous pair of hands that make another appearance and rub her all over, which is as creepy as before. We get a couple of scenes of Gemma on a bed, basically masturbating whilst we hear random background sounds. To close out the video, Gemma sucks on a lollipop, and we are finally treated with some behind-the-scenes footage.

Gemma masturbates whilst lying on a bed

In summary, Angel Advent 2 is essentially more of the same as Gemma's first video. Literally, many aspects are exactly the same as the first video. It would have been nice were the video a bit more original rather than just rehashing scenes we've already seen.

Gemma licks a recorder

The main difference, in my opinion, is that this video is a lot sloppier when it comes to covering up Gemma's tits. There are shots where Gemma doesn't even bother covering them. On the other hand, I didn't see a single proper shot of Gemma's butthole. Therefore, if you want to see Gemma's tits, you may prefer this video, but if you want to see her butthole, you should check out her first video instead.

★★☆☆☆ 2/5