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MMR-AA065: Angel Advent! – Gemma

To celebrate the Christian season of Advent, I am reviewing the three image videos released by Spice Visual in their series, Angel Advent.

DVD cover of MMR-AA065

The first in the series is MMR-AA065, released in 2017. It was the first image video featuring Gemma, who probably has the record for being featured in more image videos than any other non-Japanese person.

Gemma holding a transparent umbrella

Gemma grew up in England where, in her teenage years, she became something of a minor celebrity as a member of a short-lived girl group. Given that the last time I saw her she was just a child (as was I, I hasten to add), it was a devastating shock to me when I learnt that she was in Japan making image videos. I cannot overstate how shaken up I was; even today, despite being very much supportive of her choice of work, I find it difficult to get over it. But hey, that's a me problem.

Gemma, holding the umbrella, takes an envelope out of a mailbox

The video starts with Gemma seemingly walking home after school, collecting post from the mailbox. At her desk (which is furnished with copies of Writ of Execution by Perri O'Shaughnessy and New Scandinavian Design by teNeues), she writes a letter (in English) introducing herself. As she writes, she narrates her words:

Hi, my name is Gemma and I'm 19 years old [lies!] and I'm from England.
My hobby is shopping and my speciality is exercise and loop [huh?].
My favourite idol is Sayumi from Morning Musume.
I'm a happy person and I'm very lovable [we'll be the judge of that].

Honestly, this is the kind of writing I'd expect a primary school pupil to produce for a homework assignment. I know my own writing has much room for improvement but come on! Why does it need to be so bland?

Gemma writes a letter

Anyway, Gemma then repeats her introduction but in Japanese this time. She says that her special skill is gymnastics (体操), which I suppose is what the "loop" was referring to.

Gemma bounces on an exercise ball

The next thing we see is Gemma in a pink leotard, sitting and bouncing on an exercise ball and showing off her body as best she can. Why is there such a lewd scene so early in the video! I'd have expected a bit more of a build-up, but hey, I'm not complaining (or am I?). Anyway, is this supposed to be the gymnastics that Gemma is supposedly so good at? I don't think it counts… She goes topless, with only her hands covering her nipples. At least, that's the aim but we still see her nipples peek out at times throughout this video. Great job, Gemma!

Gemma licks a lollipop

In the next scene, Gemma is back wearing her school uniform and suggestively sucking a lollipop. Yeah, you can drop the innocent schoolgirl act; we all know very well what you're doing.

A naked Gemma covers her privates

Gemma then wears a school swimsuit in the bathroom and takes a shower. Who the heck wears a school swimsuit in a shower?! She then takes a bath, still wearing the swimsuit. Someone probably told her how daft that is, for she takes the swimsuit off in the bath. Unbelievable, this woman… At least we get to see her starkers (though she still covers up her nipples and privates).

Gemma wearing a skimpy outfit and covering herself with her hands

After another scene where Gemma tries to cover up her naked body is a slightly creepy scene in which an anonymous pair of hands rubs lotion all over her body. They do an even worse job of hiding Gemma's nipples. There's no music, just the sound of the hands fondling her as she lies on her back, as emotionless as a dead fish.

A pair of hands rubs Gemma's behind

In the final scene proper, it's bedtime for Gemma. Or at least, she's in lingerie and on a bed. What's notable about this scene is that she shows off her butthole. They don't just play it off like an accident, either. There's a bit where her butthole is on screen for a good 10 seconds or so. Funny how Gemma is fine to show off her butthole but her tits are off limits. The video ends with some making-of clips.

Gemma lies on a bed

Gemma comes across very stiff and awkward at times, and she often looks away from the camera to copy the person showing her what poses to do. However, I can forgive this as it is her first image video, after all. I give Gemma a bit of a hard time in this review, but despite the initial shock factor for myself, she's very cute and this is a decent enough video.

★★★☆☆ 3/5