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MMKS-023: Teasing Service Healing Huge Ass Soapland Girl – Otsu Alice

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DVD cover of MMKS-023

MMKS-023, released earlier this year, is a video from studio Marrion. It stars Black Diamond member ARIS who, when she isn't singing or dancing, also works as a JAV performer under the name Otsu Alice.


In this video, ARIS is a soapland worker, and we see her providing her services to various customers. There's a posing sequence at the start of each scene, which take place in all the usual sets, including a sofa room, a bathroom and a bedroom.


This video is very much focused on sex scenes, with little in way of drama. The most you get in that respect is a scene in which ARIS interrogates a man messing about with a plant, before inviting him for a fuck.


The sex scenes are decent, with ARIS being an enthusiastic performer. I was entranced by her near-constant drooling.


At the end of the video is a short behind-the-scenes segment in which we see ARIS posing for photos before signing autographed photos for her fans.


This is a decent video if you like to watch soapland sex, although it doesn't offer anything new to the formula. I enjoyed ARIS's performance, though this video could have benefited from some originality.

Score: 4/10