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JAV website review: Mistress Land (337799.com)

Mistress Land (also known by the somewhat mysterious domain name 337799.com) is probably the ultimate femdom/BDSM JAV website.

Public homepage

Be warned that this is not the tame kind of femdom you might occasionally come across in mainstream JAV; in these videos, men get physically beaten up, pissed on, and sometimes even get defecated on. Don't expect much in terms of sex scenes.

Although some videos star well known JAV performers (such as AIKA, Yuzuki Aisha, Kanae Ruka and Atomi Shuri), the vast majority feature professional dominatrices, who are experts at their craft.

Most videos feature some sort of storyline, which I believe to be a key ingredient in the entertainment factor of these videos. Watching women beat up men may become a bit repetitive if not for different scenarios, such as a schoolgirl beating up a man for attempting to grope her on a train.

Members' page

A fair amount of videos are set in a basic dungeon setting, whilst others have more elaborate set designs, such as furnished rooms, classrooms, or even a private garden.

Though not something anywhere near unique, be aware that Mistress Land releases compilation videos based around particular themes. Depending on what you're looking for, you may wish to seek these out, or avoid them outright.

One of the best things about Mistress Land is that their more recent videos (from the past few years) feature English subtitles. If you lack the ability to understand the original Japanese, being able to read the subtitles and understand what's being spoken really helps you enjoy the videos as you can then understand the women's teasing of the guys. Mistress Land's website is also bilingual.

The video quality is pretty good, too. Their more recent videos are presented in 1080p, with a generous 8,000 kbps bitrate for the video stream alone and a 60 fps progressive framerate.

Main section

The only real drawbacks with the video content itself is the use of very large circular mosaics which are excessive compared to pretty much all mainstream JAVs. There is also a relatively small studio watermark in the corner of each video which is not too distracting.

Mistress Land provide two means of accessing their content: a membership site and a video-on-demand site. Some third party websites also sell their content.

If you're a fan of fetish porn, you'll know that it doesn't come cheap. Mistress Land is particularly punishing, in a few different ways.

At first glance, you'll notice that their membership site states a fee of ¥8,580 (~US$62, ~£49) per month. This is already rather pricy, but this overlooks a few factors.

Video page

First of all, you do not get access to their entire library straight away. The first month of membership only entitles you access to a portion of the videos available on their website. It is still a substantial amount of content, but if you are looking for a particular video, there's a good chance you'll be disappointed. With each month of membership, a new section of the site will unlock, giving you access to further videos. By the time you have been a member for four whole months, you'll have gained access to the entire website. Well, almost…

There are two sections of the website (VIP1 and VIP2) which are locked behind additional subscriptions you have to pay on top of your base subscription. Each of these sections requires payment of an extra ¥4,950 (~US$36, ~£28) per month. Therefore, if you want access to the entire website, expect to pay ¥8,580 + ¥4,950 + ¥4,950 = ¥18,480 (~US$133, ~£105) per month. Here is a summary of the different sections of the site and how you can unlock them:

SectionUnlock requirement
MainAvailable immediately
SP1After one month
SP2After two months
SP3After three months
SP4After four months
VIP1¥4,950/month subscription
VIP2¥4,950/month subscription

Now, this pricing is inarguably very steep, but I don't have a huge problem with a website charging a lot, especially for something as niche as this. If people are willing to pay this much, they might as well charge it. However, I'm not impressed by the fact that your initial membership fee only gives you access to a fraction of the site's contents. It wouldn't be so bad if they were up-front about it, but there's no indication until you actually sign up that they operate this way.

The problems don't stop there. The website only allows you to download 2 GB of content per day. It certainly isn't the only website to have a daily download limit, but 2 GB is particularly stingy. An entire video could take up between 10 and 15 GB, so they are split into parts of around 500 MB each. It can therefore take around a week to download an entire video, and that's assuming you remember to log in and download each day, which can be time consuming.

Error page

This is made all the more difficult by the website frequently erroring out and forcing you back to the login screen. It is certainly one of the least robust porn websites I've ever come across.

The one saving grace about the membership site is that videos are available as DRM-free MP4 files. To be honest, I don't feel like a website should be celebrated for not using DRM – it should be a matter of course. However, when so many other JAV websites force DRM down users' throats, it is at least something I can appreciate.

Video on demand website

As an alternative to the membership site, Mistress Land also offers a website where individual videos can be purchased and downloaded. As you might expect, the videos are not cheap, each costing ¥6,600 (~US$47, ~£38). Mathematically speaking, the membership site is better value for money, but if you are looking for specific videos and don't want to spend a lot of money unlocking different sections, then purchasing individual videos may in fact be cheaper and likely a lot less stressful. At the end of the day, which is better depends on a variety of factors, and it is at least nice that Mistress Land offers a choice.

All in all, Mistress Land produce fantastic videos that are unlike anything else on the market. However, their website is atrocious and is not fit for purpose. Admittedly, the website caters to masochists, but that should not be reflected in its reliability or lack of transparent pricing!

★★★☆☆ 3/5