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MIDV-646: Orgasming After A Month's Abstention – Ichigo Erika

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DVD cover of MIDV-646

MIDV-646 is a video released just this month, from studio Moodyz's Orgasming After A Month's Abstention series. Directed by Akai Suisei, it stars the recently debuted Ichigo Erika.

Erika films herself with her smartphone in a mirror, wearing a bikini

The video starts with Erika about to start the challenge of not having sex for a month. It's just as well she's a Moodyz exclusive so there's a whole month between videos anyway. There's a documentary style to it, with a brief interview and some footage she filmed herself.

Erika exposes her bra and panties on a staircase

Once a month has passed, Erika is rearing to go, but first she has to stand on a staircase, put a vibrator up her pussy and suck on a dildo. I don't really get it. Then it's time to get some dick. After some more vibrator usage, she finally gets to suck and fuck some actual cock. And… it's just a normal sex scene. I mean, it's fine, but not really worth the build-up. She does squirt a bit, getting a sofa wet (which I feel sorry for), though it's only a small trickle really.

A man lifts up Erika's top

There are three sex scenes in total. Following the one on the sofa, there's an MMF scene on a bed, which is more of the same. There is some more squirting, but again, nothing spectacular. At least there's a nice variety of positions.

A man prepares to remove Erika's panties

With each sex scene, another guy joins in, and so the final scene is a foursome, which takes place in a room with oil barrels for some reason. There's another sofa, but this time they've placed a blanket over it. I don't know what's up with all the vibrators in this video, but if you're a fan of them, they use all sorts in this scene, until they eventually start fucking. Again, a bit more squirting, but it really is just a bit. At least we get some nice shots of Erika's cute butthole.

Erika smiles as she holds an umbrella

Although I appreciate the effort to do something interesting with the abstention thing, it didn't really add anything to the video. All the vibrator use didn't do anything for me. That said, Erika is a sweet and adequate performer, and is potentially one to watch.

★★★☆☆ 3/5