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MIDE-790: Aoi Ibuki – AV Debut

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DVD cover of MIDE-790

MIDE-790 is the 2020 AV debut of Aoi Ibuki from studio Moodyz. It is directed by Usa-pyon., who is something of a specialist of AV debuts, but is also known as the director of the Beauty Venus series since the fifth instalment.

Ibuki stands outside the entrance to Hikawadai Station

The video starts with Ibuki emerging from the subway. Specifically, she walks up the stairs of Entrance 1 of Hikawadai Station in Tōkyō's Nerima ward, which is served by the Yūrakuchō and Fukutoshin lines. The station opened in 1983, making this year its 40th anniversary.

Assuming there's no "movie magic" involved, it's great to see Ibuki setting a good example by using public transport. Not only does it show she is doing her bit to help Japan reach its target of reaching net zero by 2050, but it also gives her a "girl next door" kind of impression – someone you may just happen to spot at your local park.

Ibuki dribbles a basketball outdoors

In fact, your local park may be exactly where you'll find her (assuming you live in the area, that is), as that is where she goes next. After an interview there, she strolls around the area, playing with a skipping rope and dribbling a basketball (more on that later).

The majority of the video is made up of sex scenes. None of them are particularly noteworthy, except perhaps for the last one which had subtle BDSM elements in the form of a blindfold and bondage. Somewhat unusual for a debut video.

Ibuki, seated, wearing a checked dress

I applaud Ibuki's choice of wardrobe throughout this video; from her simple white top to her checked dress, she is incredibly fashionable.

The video ends with Ibuki showing off her basketball skills. They are certainly impressive and she is clearly not a beginner. 🔊 Turn up the volume, and let my highlights reel do the talking:

I can't say I was expecting much from this AV Debut, however it proved to be surprisingly entertaining. Ibuki's bubbly personality surely played a part in that, and I look forward to watching more of her videos in future.

★★★★ 4/5