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MIDE-070: Barnyard Word Cowgirl – Okita Anri

DVD cover of MIDE-070

MIDE-070 was at one time probably one of the most-owned JAVs ever, for the simple reason that it was, for several years, granted for free to almost every user of R18.com.

Close-up of Anri sucking her finger

Directed by cobo (who is sometimes erroneously referred to as "coba"), it is part of studio Moodyz's series, Barnyard Word Cowgirl. At least, that's what the English text adorned on the cover of each video says. R18.com called it Straddling Sex Talk Girls. That is, 'girls who engage in sex talk whilst straddling', not 'talk girls who engage in straddling sex'.

Anri in black lingerie

Now that we've got the nomenclature out of the way, this video stars everyone's favourite fortune teller / NFT artist / conspiracy theorist Okita Anri in what is quite a straightforward video composed of a series of sex scenes with little in the way of plot.

Anri licks her finger

The first scene, however, does include some plot elements. It features Yoshimura Taku lying on a bed, his foot in a cast after some sort of accident. Anri, dressed in a sexy doctor outfit, cares for her patient by… licking his face?! Oh how the tables have turned!

Doctor Anri tends to Taku, her patient

Anyway, as you might expect, Anri is very dominant in this video, although that does mean male nipple play and arsehole licking, so be warned. There is dirty talk – including snippets of English – though Anri seems to take the concept of "dirty talk" literally by taking a whiff of Taku's dick and calling it "stinky and dirty". What's up with that kind of talk in JAV? I never hear it in western porn!

The other sex scenes are somewhat more mundane, and although Anri puts on a good performance, they're not much to write home about. There is the occasional posing scene, in which Anri is extremely alluring. The final sex scene is shot from point-of-view perspective, which suffers from the usual problem that the guy's head pops into view from time to time, which would be physically impossible if we're supposed to be seeing things through his eyes.

Anri shows off her bum

One part I'm particularly fond of is a solo scene where a transparent panel is placed in front of the camera, which Anri licks and presses her tits and pussy against, giving us some very nice close-up shots. I wish more videos did that!

Anri presses her panties against the camera

All in all, this is an enjoyable video with some great moments. Anri has a wonderful body, and I always enjoy hearing her speak English. It is a shame that she delisted this and many other videos. And even if you received it for free from R18.com, the website has gone so you've lost access to it. Being a JAV fan sure is tough!

★★★★ 4/5