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MIAD-620: She's a Dead Ringer for Kasai Tomomi

DVD cover of MIAD-620

In 2013, Kasai Tomomi of Japan's top idol group AKB48 was embroiled in controversy that made headlines internationally. A photograph had been released of the singer posing topless, with a child cupping her breasts from behind.

In some ways Japan can be a very permissive society, but in other ways it can be quite intolerant. In this case, the image was deemed inappropriate, and the authorities were quick to clamp down on its publication.

This incident was ripe for the picking, and it took only a few months for studio Moodyz to produce a video inspired by the debacle.

In MIAD-620, Kasai Tomomi is portrayed by the similarly named Kasai Ami, who is uncredited on the DVD cover and product pages.

Kasai and a light-haired man pose in front of a photographer, recreating the infamous picture

The video starts with a recreation of the infamous photo, albeit with a light-haired grown man in place of the light-haired child. Naturally, this sets the stage for a sex scene, in which Kasai engages in romance with her photo partner. Let's hope this didn't happen for real!

Kasai watches out for her pursuers

In another scene, Kasai runs through the streets of Tokyo, with suspicious-looking men in suits on her tail. However, she is eventually caught and…

A strange man shaves Kasai's pussy

…they shave her pussy. Perhaps there is some special reason for this, but I honestly found it baffling. Such shaving scenes are uncommon in JAV, and almost never come unannounced, so its inclusion took me by surprise. Regardless, by the end of Kasai's ordeal with the strange men, she certainly spots the paipan look.

Fans queue to shake Kasai's hand

In the penultimate scene, Kasai meets some of her fans at a handshake event, as is common for a Japanese idol. Here, however, Kasai bucks the trend by shaking more than just her fans' hands…

Kasai shows off the dish she has cooked

Finally, Kasai demonstrates her pretty good cooking skills by preparing a stir-fry. Itadakimasu!

The recreation of the controversial photo

In conclusion, although this video was produced (relatively quickly) in reaction to a specific incident, it is very entertaining and provides commentary on idol culture in general.

If you are into idols, or shaving – or both – then definitely check out this video.

Score: 8/10