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MIAA-579: I Started Living Alone Before Graduation, but My Apartment Became a Gathering Place of Sluts!

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DVD cover of MIAA-579

MIAA-579 is a 2022 video from studio Moodyz and director Eight.

The trio pose for a selfie

Chitose Koume is happily fapping to a lewd magazine when three of his large-breasted classmates – Rukapoyo (Inaba Ruka), Kahopai (Imai Kaho) and Yūriman (Fukada Yūri) – barge into his room.

The trio undress

Once they discover evidence of his lewd behaviour (top tip: a bin full of used tissue paper is mighty suspicious!), they undress him and give him handjobs, blowjobs and titjobs.

The trio consume snacks

On (presumably) another day, Koume returns home to find the trio hanging out in his room, wearing bikinis. They repeat the exercise and give him handjobs, blowjobs and titjobs, before fucking him. There are a couple more sex scenes, which are more of the same, with the girls wearing school uniform again.

The trio take off their bikinis

Parts of the video are filmed from a point-of-view perspective (with obligatory jazz hands included), although the perspective sometimes switches mid-scene which feels a bit odd.

The trio feed snacks to their victim

I enjoyed the trio's performances, but this video does feel extremely repetitive. Honestly, it feels a bit like Endless Eight (or Groundhog Day). Aside from the intro which is filmed on a rooftop, the rest takes place in a single room. The production quality is average at best, and the poor audio quality can make it difficult to hear the dialogue.

The trio chat on a rooftop

If you're a fan of Ruka, Kaho or Yūri, this may be worth checking out. Otherwise, this video is sub-standard and doesn't do anything special.

★★☆☆☆ 2/5