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MDYD-822: Sweltering Night – Minami Saho

DVD cover for MDYD-822

Minami Saho debuted in February 2013, yet before the year was out she had already retired. Still, she managed to get out ten videos in that time, which is not to be sniffed at.

MDYD-822 was her eighth video and, like all her other videos, was produced by Tameike Goro. From that, you can probably tell that she fits the MILF archetype.

Unfortunately, this video is a very middle-of-the-road NTR-style rape drama. Essentially, the story goes that on a sweltering summer day, Saho's brother-in-law comes to stay at her home. He becomes attracted to her sweat(!), and when Saho's husband is away, the brother-in-law rapes her.

The video's title is 熱帯夜, which my dictionary tells me means a sweltering night. And the sweat is a major theme of this video, with occasional close-up shots to show the (probably fake) sweat droplets on Saho's skin. That said, if you do happen to have a sweat fetish, I feel like it might be a bit too subtle in this video.

Just a couple of quick things before I wrap up.

If you like to see food in JAV, this video ticks that box – looks delicious!

And there is this really weird scene in which Saho attempts to drink some water – "attempts" being the operative word. For some reason most of the water ends up trickling down the front of her body. How can she not know how to drink a glass of water?! Well, obviously the answer is simple: she's in a JAV.

In conclusion, this video is okay. The production values are decent but, if I'm honest, the video is a bit boring, maybe even a tad tedious. If you're really into NTR, rape or sweat, then maybe you'll enjoy this more than I did.

Rating: 4/10