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MDYD-642: Life Without a Bra – Nakamori Reiko

DVD cover for MDYD-642

Life without a bra must sure be tough for a woman, according to this film. It starts off with a man catching the sight of his wife not wearing a bra. He gets turned on by being able to see her nipples through her top, and so he tells her to stop wearing bras. Naturally, the wife complies and as the husband leaves for work, she goes about her everyday business without a bra.

Soon, however, men start arriving at the house. First, a researcher who is tasked with measuring the sizes of all the breasts in the neighbourhood. Of course, he gets a bit over-excited in his work due to being able to see the woman's nipples and ends up sexually assaulting her. A similar thing happens later when a pair of engineers arrive and can't control their desire to rape her. The useless husband doesn't seem to care though, since he uses every opportunity available to molest her some more himself.

A grim reflection on how men appear to be portrayed as of late. Despite some pathetic use of instantly recognisable stock music and some rather poor cinematography, credit must be given for the interesting premise, even if it does not seem credible. On the whole though, Life Without a Bra is entertaining in its own slightly absurd way.

Rating: 8/10