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MBR-AA056: See-through Angel – Gemma

DVD cover of MBR-AA056

MBR-AA056 was Gemma's third image video and was released by Spice Visual in 2017, following on from the previously reviewed Angel Advent! and Angel Advent 2.

Gemma outdoors wearing school uniform

As indicated by the title, this video goes a bit further than Gemma's previous videos by making her wear translucent clothes that let you see her tits. That's not withstanding the fact that there were already several unobscured nip-slips in her previous videos.

Gemma after taking off her uniform

It starts off tame enough, with her wearing a schoolgirl outfit, which she gradually removes, first stripping to her underwear and then gets fully nude, although she covers up the good stuff.

Gemma in leotard, pressing baton against butt

We then see her in a translucent leotard, through which her tits are visible, although she occasionally covers them with her hands. It's a bit strange that a video that is literally about allowing you to see her tits through translucent clothes should still have her trying to cover them, but I guess some people get off on a woman acting all shy.

Nude Gemma leaning on exercise ball

There's an obligatory scene with a bouncing ball, through which we can also see her tits. She pours lotion on herself, giving a better view through her bikini top.

Gemma pressing butt against shower pane

This is followed by a shower scene, which is nice in that she presses her clothed arse and boobs against a pane of glass. She takes off her clothing, but her tits are covered in soap. How many ways are there to cover up a woman's tits?!

Gemma washing a desk

We then get a scene with Gemma wearing Gilly Hicks lingerie as she cleans the walls and floor. She strips and rubs white cream on herself and it ends up all over her body, which I guess is suggestive of something, though I can't think what.

Nude Gemma with drops of white cream on her body

In the final scene, Gemma is preparing for bed. She starts off wearing very thin lingerie, undresses and starts playing with a thin cloth. This material is translucent enough to allow fantastic visibility through. In what is perhaps a continuity error, we then see Gemma with her lingerie back on, sucking on a lollipop. I hope she brushed her teeth afterwards! A minute of making-of footage follows.

Gemma sucks on a lollipop

One thing I haven't mentioned so far is that, as in Gemma's previous videos, she is shockingly bad at covering her nipples. So you get a perfectly good view of them multiple times, which kind of defeats the purpose of having translucent material you're supposed to view them through. We've seen her tits enough times already; what's the point of continuing to cover them up?

Gemma washes herself in the shower

Anyway, Gemma seems to be a lot more confident in this video, which makes it more enjoyable to watch. Though unfortunately we don't get a good view of her butthole. I guess you can't have everything. In fact, you'll have nothing if Gemma has her way; the video is no longer available for sale.

★★★☆☆ 3/5