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MAR-AA071: Angel Advent – Emily

To celebrate the Christian season of Advent, I am reviewing the three image videos released by Spice Visual in their series, Angel Advent.

DVD cover of MAR-AA071

After Gemma's first two image videos hit the shelves in 2017, it seemed that the Angel Advent brand had been retired. At least, that was the case until 2020, which saw the release of MAR-AA071.

Emily stands on a balcony, her back to the scenery, and smiles at the camera

Unlike the previous two videos, this one features a different fair-haired babe named Emily. After the opening sequence in which we see her walking around outdoors, there is an interview segment. She reveals she's basically a French American weeb (no surprises there) whose favourite TV anime is Hunter × Hunter. She's apparently good at JavaScript. It would have been nice to see some of her code, but I suppose you can't have everything. This interview allows us to get a sense of Emily's personality, and it's a bit of a shame there wasn't something similar in Gemma's videos (her initial bland monologue notwithstanding).

Emily, in the interview segment, names JavaScript as one of her skills

Wearing her elegant school uniform, Emily demonstrates her baton skills. To be honest, I didn't find it particularly impressive, but she looks like she's having so much fun, it's impossible not to fall in love with her. Emily disrobes and spreads lotion on her tits. As in Gemma's videos, Emily attempts to cover her nipples with her hands, but there are still numerous nip-slips throughout the video (at least, in the version I watched; I understand that some releases omit this precious content). Despite her coy look, Emily seems right at home in front of the camera, projecting a sense of confidence that Gemma could only dream of.

Emily twirls a baton

We next have the obligatory bouncing scene. Fortunately, there is some creativity here, as we not only see Emily sitting and bouncing on the familiar exercise ball, but she also jumps around on a trampoline and plays with a skipping rope (albeit not at the same time), all of which she does with much vigour.

Emily bounces on a trampoline

Next up is the shower/bath scene. This one actually features an anonymous hand to control the shower head as Emily washes herself… whilst wearing her clothes. Honestly, I give up. Of course, she eventually takes them off, but not before giving a handjob to a glass dildo. I was amused to see her surprised look as she sees her hand not covered in cum when the dildo doesn't ejaculate.

Emily lathers her body with soap

In the next scene, Emily does a ribbon dance. It doesn't seem like something she's well versed in, for she gets her ribbon tangled up, but I respect that she gives it her all. After a masturbation session, she uses the ribbon to play with her breasts.

Emily does a ribbon dance

Perhaps exhausted from the ribbon dance or masturbation, Emily then lies down, and we see the return of the anonymous hands that grope her arse, tits and more besides. They're no less creepy this time round.

A pair of hands gropes Emily's bare breasts

In the final scene, Emily wears lingerie on a bed. Her bedtime rituals seemingly consist of some masturbation and then sucking on a lollipop. I hope she remembers to brush her teeth! Before the behind-the-scenes footage (in which she appears to be having a lot of fun) and trailer close out the video, Emily waves goodbye to the camera. To my knowledge, Emily didn't appear in another image video (or any other kind of media), so this really was goodbye.

Emily lies on a bed, her nipples covered by her long blonde hair, and her pussy covered by her left hand

Time will tell whether we'll see another Angel Advent video but, if not, the trilogy ended on a high note. Although this video isn't perfect, after two mediocre Gemma videos, it's refreshing to have a more creative video with a performer who actually seems to be enjoying herself. An angel has finally descended, and that angel is Emily.