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LULU-167: Sexually Harassing a Colleague During Overtime – Mizuhara Misono

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DVD cover of LULU-167

LULU-167 is a 2022 video from studio Lunatics, directed by Vagman.

Misono working late at night. Judging by her watch, it is approximately 8:37 pm.

There are five scenes in this video, all of them starring the voluptuous Mizuhara Misono as an office lady working overtime late at night in the office.

Misono's male colleague creeps up on her

Despite trying to work, Misono is sexually assaulted by her male colleague who gropes her despite her repeated cries of「ダメです」(you mustn't!). In most of the scenes, she ends up giving the guy handjobs or titjobs, and they fuck in a couple of scenes. One scene in which Misono is sexually assaulted whilst asleep is particularly disturbing.

Misono sleeping in the office

Although Misono is an enthusiastic performer, the video comes across very repetitive, and the cinematography is basic.

Misono's colleague about to grab her buttocks

That said, I was pleased to see a shot of some trains passing each other in the night. Alas, it only lasts a few seconds and is very blurry.

A blurry shot of two trains passing each other at a station at night

Another nice shot was of Misono eating udon, but this is similarly too brief.

Misono eats a bowl of udon

In conclusion, this video certainly delivers on what it promises. If you want to watch an office lady being sexually assaulted, then that is exactly what this video offers. However, I felt that it lacks creativity, and the repetitiveness makes this video somewhat underwhelming.

★★☆☆☆ 2/5