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Western review: Love, Sex & Hollywood (2023, Adam & Eve)

Happy Valentine's Day! To mark the occasion, here's a review of a romance themed video.

DVD cover of Love, Sex & Hollywood

Love, Sex & Hollywood is a 2023 film from studio Adam & Eve, directed by Will Ryder.

Television producer Will spots Emily (working the talent agency's reception desk) as a potential talent

Nathan Bronson stars as Hollywood playboy actor Matthew Murphy who cheats on his girlfriend Jane (Kate Dalia) with his caterer Emily Rodriguez (Kylie Rocket). Matthew helps Emily get a job working behind the scenes, but she is spotted by a television producer (played by Will Ryder himself) and quickly becomes a big star. The story focuses on the love triangle between Emily, Matthew and Jane.

Jane throws a fit after Will hires Emily to star in his hit TV show

In all honesty, the story is not particularly original or interesting – merely serviceable. Although I think Kylie Rocket is really beautiful, her acting leaves much to be desired, although much the same could be said about her co-stars. I was somewhat impressed by Kate Dalia's acting, however, who does a pretty good job of portraying the overly attached girlfriend.

I did enjoy the light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek style of this film, which opens with a rather catchy theme song. A primary setting is Matthew's talent agency; I was amused by how there's always the same few employees walking back and forth in the background and seemingly teleporting around with no explanation.

Emily and her catering colleagues get naked in their client's bedroom

This film has some other oddities. I found it bizarre that Emily not only hangs out with her colleagues when not working, but they end up fucking. Multiple times. Even whilst on the job. How did that happen? Furthermore, when Emily takes Matthew's smartphone to input her number, she holds it upside down. Very strange.

Emily holds Matthew's phone upside down as she enters her phone number

All in all, despite not being exceptional, this is a reasonably fun film. Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes content which is rather interesting.

★★★☆☆ 3/5