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KT-670: Acrobat Komori Miki

DVD cover of KT-670

KT-670 is a 2003 video from studio Kuki starring Komori Miki.

Based on the title, I assumed Miki would be walking a tightrope or performing on a trapeze. This video doesn't have any circus acts, but Miki is an accomplished gymnast and she does demonstrate it in this video.

We first get to see her skills during a brief skit when she strikes a pose with some barrels. Her translucent leotard leaves little to the imagination.

Miki raises her leg in the air, exposing her privates

Miki also performs with a ribbon, and she certainly does it with style!

Miki does a ribbon dance

Sadly, that's about as much gymnastics as we get to see in this video, aside from a scene in which she poses whilst being prodded in the nether regions by two men.

Two men poke at Miki's pussy

There's obviously an assortment of sex scenes, most of which aren't particularly interesting. Though there is a kissing scene where we get a good look inside Miki's mouth and the fillings therein.

Miki snogs a guy; quite a few of her teeth have fillings

As the video wraps up, Miki demonstrates some hand exercises.

Miki interlaces her fingers

Despite the misleading title, the gymnastic segments are rather entertaining. Sadly, they are far too brief and the rest of the video is not particularly interesting.

Score: 6/10