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KJ-01: Princess Kaguya

DVD cover of KJ-01

Once upon a time, there lived an old bamboo cutter and his wife. They were sad, for no matter how hard they tried (and, boy, did they try!), the heavens blessed them with no children.

The bamboo cutter and his wife

One day, as the bamboo cutter was hard at work in the forest, he came across a bamboo plant glowing with a brilliant light, as if being illuminated by the Moon.

The bamboo cutter peers into a shining bamboo plant

As he peered inside, he was astounded to discover a beautiful female dwarf! Apparently distrusting of the authorities, he decided to kidnap her and raise her as his own daughter. He and his wife named her Kaguya-hime, or Shining Princess.

Inside the bamboo plant is a tiny woman

Kaguya-hime seemingly hit a growth spurt, for just a few months later, she was average height. She developed a strong bond with her adoptive father, using her new womanly charms to help him relieve stress.

Kaguya-hime takes a bath

It wasn't long before the Emperor of Japan heard about this radiant beauty. He visited her, and it was love at first sight. No impossible tasks here!

Kaguya-hime makes love with the Emperor

Their romance didn't last, however, for Kaguya-hime suddenly realised she was not from this planet. A group of aliens descend from the Moon and demand that Kaguya is returned to them.

The Emperor tries to stop the lunar folk from taking Kaguya-hime

Despite the best efforts of her adoptive parents and the Emperor, Kaguya is taken by the lunar folk and raped, before returning to the Moon where she lives to this day.

A shot of Kaguya-hime's home, the Moon

The End.

…Oh, and my thoughts on this video KJ-01 (also released as HET-139), a 2003 video from Hot Entertainment starring Usui Rina as the titular lunar princess? I like that, despite being not entirely faithful to the source material, it's an adaptation of a traditional tale; I wish there were more porn videos that did that. The production values were relatively high, too. My one complaint is the inclusion of a shot of a spider drowning. So unnecessary. :-(

Score: 7/10