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KAWD-498: Incredible Facial – Sakaue Moka

DVD cover of KAWD-498

Although her career only spanned from mid-2013 to early 2014, Sakaue Moka is one of the most interesting – and enigmatic – JAV performers I have come across.

Following the release of a photobook, she made six videos for kawaii, which are notable not because of the sex scenes, but because each of them included a music video featuring Moka singing and dancing. She would then go on to make a single video for M's Video Group before disappearing. Some years later, her entire videography would be delisted, making it extremely difficult to purchase her videos.

This raises many questions. What happened to her? I would say she's quite a talented singer and dancer. I wonder if she ever had a mainstream music career. Why did she disappear without a proper retirement? And why were her videos delisted? Unfortunately, answers are not forthcoming.

KAWD-498, released in 2013, was the fifth of Moka's six kawaii videos. As the title suggests, the focus of this flick is facials.

Moka sitting down for an interview

The video starts with an interview, of which there are several throughout. In this video, Moka wears a variety of casual outfits, as well as a nurse outfit in one scene. Sets are somewhat varied but largely generic.

Moka with bloodshot eyes

We soon notice, however, that in a lot of scenes, Moka's eyes appear to be rather bloodshot. This is probably the worst thing about the video. Moka is a beautiful woman, but her red, baggy eyes in this video can be rather unsettling. I wonder if it's the result of getting cum in them, or whether she simply didn't get enough sleep.

Moka sleeping

The sex scenes are filmed in a mixture of POV and the more traditional third-person style, and include some passionate kissing. Of course, each sex scene ends with a glorious facial which do not disappoint.

Moka prepares to get Taku'd

My favourite part of the video, however, is the music video at the end. Moka sings "Muchaburi Darling", composed and arranged by Yamaguchi Noritaka, with lyrics by AKINO LEE. Moka has a splendid voice and does a fantastic job with this energetic song. Her dance moves are on point, too.

Although there's nothing special about most of this video, and Moka's red eyes detract from its enjoyability, the music video at the end more than makes up for it.

Score: 7/10