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JUX-246: Bondage Madam – Mikami Sayuri

DVD cover of JUX-246

JUX-246 is a 2014 video in Madonna's Bondage Madam series, starring Mikami Sayuri.

In a sense, this is a straightforward NTR drama. Yuko (portrayed by Misumi Shun) and Toru are unhappily married. Sayuri (with her husband) comes to visit, meets Toru, and thus begins their illicit affair. Of course, each of the sex scenes involve bondage.

The four characters sit pensively in the living room

Food is a key theme of this video, and serves as the primary conduit for interaction in the narrative. Toru and Yuko are first seen together at the breakfast table, but whereas Toru is enjoying a pot of yoghurt, Yuko instead opts for just a mug of coffee. They exchange few words, and this captures the divide between them.

Toru prepares a mug of coffee for his wife Yuko

On the other hand, later on, Sayuri and Yuko eagerly tuck into their meal, which reflects how close they are. At the same time, Toru eats his food by himself, as an outsider.

Plates of what appears to be pizza, crisps and chips, along with glasses of wine

Of course, the most significant food moment is when Toru and Sayuri discover they both share a love for LG21 yoghurt, and enjoy some together. This signifies compatibility between the two.

Toru and Sayuri about to consume pots of yoghurt

Despite having the lead role, I didn't much care for Sayuri's acting ability in this video, and I soon tired of her constant forlorn expression. On the other hand, Shun demonstrates a wide variety of emotions, and dominated most of the scenes she was in.

Shun's dynamic acting

I found it interesting to note that the exterior of the house in which the video is set is quite clearly that of Planear's Komazawa studio. However, the interior shots appear to have been filmed at a separate location – in fact, the same location as TMA's Faith/stay knight.

The house exterior

Despite the fairly generic NTR plot, the production quality of this video is quite high, and I do like the use of food as a way to drive the narrative, which also makes good use of a flashback to hook us into the story.

Score: 7/10